Glasgow City Guide

I mentioned before that I very nearly didn’t even make it to Glasgow, and how very glad I am that I did in the end. This city is very different from the Scottish capital, so that it deserves to be experienced in its own right, and to have some time dedicated to exploring its gorgeous sights and wandering its busy streets.

To See

I stayed in the city center, and a few of the sights I wanted to see were off to the west of the city, by the University, so that I made great use of the subway system to get around, especially as it rained quite a bit! The rain limited my wandering, I’m afraid (don’t believe these blue skies!), though I still managed to cover quite a few sights.

Ashton-Lane-Glasgow (2)

Ashton Lane


University of Glasgow

Cloisters-University-of-Glasgow (4)

University of Glasgow Cloisters

St-Mungos-Cathedral-Glasgow (31)

St Mungo’s Cathedral

To Do

Do you want to know how much I paid to get into the places I listed below? In pounds, dollars, or euro? It doesn’t matter, it’s the same number: 0. That’s right, entry to all these places was f r e e. This also goes for St Mungo’s Church listed above, and of course, the University of Glasgow, which means that I effectively filled two days with sightseeing that didn’t cost me a penny. What I’m trying to say is, you can definitely visit Glasgow while on a budget!

Glasgow-Botanic-Gardens (2)

Glasgow Botanic Gardens


Kibble Palace

Hunterian-Museum-Glasgow (8)

Hunterian Museum

Kelvingrove-Art-Gallery-and-Museum-Glasgow (14)

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

To Eat

Much like in Edinburgh, I had plenty of options for yummy vegetarian fare, coffee, and snacks, easily found and spread all throughout the city.

Hillhead-Bookclub-Glasgow (4)

Hillhead Bookclub

Paesano-Glasgow (3)

Paesano Pizza


Tantrum Doughnuts

Cote-Brasserie-Glasgow (2)

Côte Brasserie

Gourmet-Burger-Glasgow (2)

Gourmet Burger

Laboratorio-Espresso-Glasgow (1)

Laboratorio Espresso

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