Rome City Guide

Rome is possibly one of the most imposing cities I’ve ever been to, with a size, energy, and character that are quite unmatched by any other. The first thing I say to anyone that tells me they’re going to Rome is, “Be careful when you cross the street,” but also, “The food is delicious.” The splendor of Ancient Rome is still clearly visible everywhere you go, but that doesn’t mean that Rome hasn’t moved on and joined the modern world, which make for an interesting mixture of old and new that make the Italian capital a unique place to experience.

To see

It is impossible not to walk around the city and be impressed by the magnitude of what one encounters as one wanders its streets. Ruins, ancient structures, and monuments speaking to more recent history dot the city everywhere one goes, making just strolling around one of the best things one can do when visiting Rome.

Fori Imperiali

Victor Emmanuel II Monument

Arch of Constantine

Piazza del Campidoglio (1 & 2)

Circus Maximus

Fontana di Trevi

Villa Borghese Gardens

Spanish Steps

Temple of Hercules Victor

Isola Tiberina


Piazza Navona

Ponte Sant’Angelo

To do

Rome continues its trend of abundance with the sheer number of things there are to see. I have not yet crossed everything off my own list (it’s always nice to have an excuse to return), though what I provide below should cover the main sights and a bit more for those who are also museum lovers. Also, while not technically part of Rome, I’ve also included The Vatican.

Pantheon (1 & 2)

Roman Forum (1 & 2)

Colosseum (1 & 2)

Palazzo Barberini

Galleria Borghese

Basilica di Santa Maria in Trastevere

Santa Maria della Vittoria

San Pietro in Vincoli

Castel Sant’Angelo

Musei Capitolini

Orto Botanico di Roma

Basilica di San Pietro (1 & 2)

Musei Vaticani

To eat

Italy is one of the most fun and satisfying places to have a meal, and it’s difficult to go wrong no matter where you choose to eat (though not impossible). Vegetarians have it extremely easy in the Italian capital, and you’ll never run out of options when it comes to that delicious and highly coveted dessert – gelato!

Antica Osteria Rugantino

Antica Pizzeria Est Est Est

Cucina del Teatro

Gelateria del Teatro


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