Città Eterna

My first thought upon stepping out of the Termini station and onto the streets of Rome was, “Why is it so loud?” It’s not like I didn’t know that Rome is chaotic and boisterous, that the streets are ever-zooming with cars and motorbikes, and that crossing its streets is an adrenaline-filled adventure that brings out my inner Catholic every time. It may just be that visiting the eternal city after spending a few days in la Serenessima and quiet-and-beautiful Florence was a shock of colossal proportions, and my brain just wasn’t ready for it.

Soon enough, though, returning to old familiar streets, gazing upon monuments the eye had seen before, and slowly getting used to it again was a lovely experience. Rome is a lot, unapologetically so, but that is precisely what makes it Rome — immense, beautiful, and yes, chaotic in a way that only Rome knows how to be.

You can read more about the Fontana di Trevi here.

I’ve written about the Pantheon previously here.

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