What I nearly missed out on

I arrived at Glasgow early in the morning, after catching a train at Waverley Station in Edinburgh while it was still sleepy and bathed in blue light. The sky was blue and clear, and it was so chilly that my limbs hurt by the time I walked from Glasgow’s Queen Street train station to my hotel.


Ashton-Lane-Glasgow (2).jpg

Glasgow (8).jpg

When planning for this trip, I debated whether I should go to Glasgow or dedicate all my time to Edinburgh instead. The capital seemed more my tune, more like the picturesque sort of place I usually fall for from afar first, and I wasn’t sure that I would like Glasgow quite as much.



Ashton-Lane-Glasgow (1).jpg

Though I ended up dedicating more time of my trip to Edinburgh in the end, I am very glad to have included Glasgow as well. Walking through its streets is a different experience, with its wider roads, its taller buildings, its mixture of old town charm with a city-er feel, but one that I enjoyed greatly. And to think I nearly missed out on it!

Glasgow (2)

Glasgow (1)


Glasgow (2).jpg


Glasgow (7).jpg

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