The saddest and sweetest sunset

Our last day in Florence, sad as it was, had us mostly walking its streets and admiring the city itself. By late afternoon, we made quick work of an early dinner (at Giannino in San Lorenzo, near Santa Maria del Fiore — if you go, get the ravioli with black truffle sauce), ran into a tabaccheria to purchase bus tickets, and made our winding way up to what is perhaps the city’s most famous viewpoint to see the sunset.

I speak, of course, of the Piazzale Michelangelo. It was not, as its name might suggest, designed by Michelangelo, and only dedicated to him. It was designed instead by Giuseppe Poggi and built in 1869, and is located in Oltrarno. The square has bronze copies of monuments constructed by the Renaissance artist, including the David, and the four allegories of the Cappelle Medicee. And the views are simply spectacular.

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