Città Serena

One of the things I love the most about Florence is how calm the city feels, in spite of there being so much to see, and regardless of how much history is tucked away between the crevices of the pavement of every courtyard. Much like the ubiquitous pietra serena, the city is serene in its position as jewel of Tuscany (one among many), and it shows. As such, one of the best things to do in Florence is just to walk around, take deep breaths and remember that, yes, indeed, one is in Italy, and how marvelous that is.

I wrote about the Ospedale degli Innocenti previously here.

Café Gilli

I had wanted to visit the Café Gilli for a while, having seen it only from the outside during my first visit, and I finally got to on this trip. The interior is beautiful, and the terrace is still pleasant, even in the winter cold of February. Would I visit again? Probably not, as I found it a bit overpriced for what we ate and drank, but that’s a tourist trap for you. I still recommend stopping by a café at some point while in Florence (there are so many), and just watching people as they walk by, taking in the city itself for a quiet moment.

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