Something Old, Something New

Palazzo Medici

This visit to the Palazzo Medici took place six years, to the month, after the first time I saw it. While for me it was a repeat visit, I simply can’t resist seeing Michelozzo’s work again when able. It served as a good respite from the cold rain outside, as I mused about all the people that once walked these gardens, these halls, imagining themselves to be in the center of the world.

Law by Domenico Poggini
Apotheosis of the Medici by Luca Giordano
Apotheosis of the Medici by Luca Giordano

Museo dei Marmi

Something I hadn’t seen last time was the collection of ancient marbles held in the basement of the Palazzo, the Museo dei Marmi (or, Marble Museum). These are part of a collection amassed by the Riccardi family, which opened to the public in 2005.

Head of a poet
Head of an Amazon

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