Ciao ancora, Firenze

I have, and at great length, waxed poetic about Florence before, but I hadn’t been back since I first visited in 2016. Upon my return, I found it gloomy, dark… and as stunning as I remembered it. Something about the rain actually quite suited Florence, I found, as if the city were saying, “What is rain, when I have given birth to the Medici and nurtured the greats of the Italian Renaissance?” Indeed, just an adornment, as the gloom and the darkness added to its quiet and dignified elegance. I mean, what sort of city keeps its gelaterie open on a cold and rainy January day? Florence, of course. And who eats gelato on such a day? Oh, you already know.

Gelato in hand, we waltzed around the Piazza della Signoria, admiring the statues of the Loggia dei Lanzi, and kind of wishing there was enough time to spend whole days in the Uffizi.

Did you know that the façade of the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore was finished in 1887, nearly 600 years after the first stone was laid in 1294?

Buca Niccolini

Please do yourself a favor and go to this place while you’re in Florence and order the Parmigiana di Melanzane. It was absolutely sublime. I was personally not a huge fan of the tiramisu, though the cheesecake was pretty delicious. But seriously, the parmigiana.

I passi d’oro (The Golden Strides) by Roberto Barni

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