Not all who wander are lost, except in Venice

Remember I mentioned that the concept of “how the crow flies” is utterly laughable in Venice? I wasn’t kidding. What would take five minutes to traverse anywhere else extended to 20-minute walks in the winding streets of this canaled city, making every journey longer than it needed to be and yet… lovely to sightsee (it also doesn’t help that the Grand Canal, which is 3.8 km (2.4 mi) long, has only four bridges that allow you to cross it).

I read a lot of bloggers and travel writers recommending new travelers to spend some time getting lost in the streets of the Serenissima; after visiting myself, I am convinced that it is impossible not to do this at least once, and without even meaning to! Still, if one must be lost… there are worse places in which to do it.

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