The Leaning Resonance Chamber of Pisa

As a disclaimer: These photos were taken during a visit in January 2016, so this post may not be representative of this site today.

Battistero di San Giovanni

The Pisa Baptistery is the largest baptistery in Italy, and represents a perfect example of the transition between Romanesque and Gothic styles. As was traditional in Pisa at this time, it is made of marble.

While the exterior of the Pisa Baptistry is brimming with carvings and detail, its interior is much more austere. Construction of this building began in 1152 to replace an older baptistery that had stood in its place, and was designed by Diotisalvi, a local architect.

Its pulpit — a raised platform on which preachers stand — was created by Nicola Pisano in 1255-1260. Giovanni, his son, completed the same for the Duomo next door.

The baptistery, apparently, also leans, though at a much smaller degree.

Its shape was originally to be different, but upon Diotisalvi’s death, Nicola Pisano took over the project and changed the style of its design to its present state.

The addition of an external roof on top of its internal, pyramidal one, ended up producing an acoustically perfect interior. Upon visiting, you’ll notice that people will do demonstrations of this effect, which is quite striking – hear it for yourself!

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